The FR5S is a very high quality shielded (can be placed near your TV), multipurpose, full range mini speaker that delivers unbelievable, full, spacious, live sound, with lots of good clean bass.The best, and biggest sounding mini speaker on the market.
   $165.00 a pair.

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Frequency range
Power handling
88db(spl 1w/1m)
120 watts
10 1/4" H x 6 5/8" W x
7 1/2" D

       We are taking the approach of building our company and speakers by putting ourselves in your shoes. Using this approach we developed a tiny speaker system that will fit anywhere, that has enough bass to stand alone, and that can reproduce clear, accurate, audiophile sound quality at a rock bottom price. We achieved this using our 3D, wide depth of field technology. We have not heard a speaker of this size and price reproduce, such huge, clear, rich, live sound. We believe that you will think so too.

       These speakers are so pleasing to listen to that after purchasing them you will find yourself listening to the radio, music, and movies much more frequently and longer than ever before.


       The FR5S vented enclosures are made of 3/4" thick medium density fiber board. This makes the enclosure incredibly strong and dense, and lets the little speaker reproduce solid bass and clear midrange.

       In the enclosure there is a heavy duty, shielded, 5" aluminum, curvilinear cone, rubber surround woofer, and a 1/2" polycarbonate tweeter. These mini speakers sound many times their size, and with our 3D, wide depth of field technology you can move around the room and not loose that center stage. Center stage is everywhere.

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More information about the FR5S

       The FR5S speakers can adapt to any sound reproduction situation that you may have. They can be used for pure music, or theater sound production, they can be used as main speakers , center channel (emblems are located at bottom center in this application), and rear channel to give equal balanced sound that is nothing short of amazing. This is a system that you can expand on as needed. They can also fit anywhere, and even be hung. (if you hang them high on a corner near the ceiling we suggest that you hang them upside down ) This will give you the best response.

       These tiny speakers reproduce a lot of bass especially if boosted a little in the 50hz to 60hz region, but if you are looking for that very deep, very low, powerful bass to play along with the FR5S speakers, we strongly recommend our PDF12V powered subwoofer.

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