Speaker Grill included
The difference is clear.
The 5D is a unique, very high quality shielded (can be placed near your TV, and disks), full range, small, speaker that delivers full, spacious, rich, accurate, realistic sound, with deep low bass that is not found in other speakers of this small size. $420.00 a pair.

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Frequency range
Power handling
87db(spl 1w/1m)
175 watts
11 3/4" H x 8 3/4" W x 10" D
21 pounds(each)

       There are a lot of new and established speaker manufacturers today. To stand out from the rest we designed the ultimate, most versatile, small speaker with the best price to performance ratio, and small size to big performance ratio.

       The 5D speakers are built with a solid non resonating enclosure. This is very important in obtaining clean, clear sound, and solid bass. The solid enclosures are built using the finest grain 3/4" thick, medium density fiber board available. Because of the cost not many speaker manufacturers use this material especially at 3/4" thick. We use it because it makes the best speaker enclosure. We then strategically put vibration absorbing material in the interior walls of the enclosure, and of course use plenty of sound insulation.

       In the 5D enclosure we use two heavy duty, 5" semi exponential aluminum cone, rubber surround, shielded, woofer to reproduce the bass and low midrange. Aluminum makes a very stiff, light, non flexing, heat dissipating, cone to give superior, clean, solid bass, and clear, smooth midrange. The 1" shielded, catenary shaped fabric dome tweeter is perfectly blended to the woofer.

  Our unique, complex, time aligned crossover system along with the driver location in the enclosure gives these speakers incredible imaging, and a flat 60 degree off axis response out to 8000 hertz no matter how the speaker is rotated. Along with the imaging, these speakers reproduce all of the detail and coherency of the recording, meaning that you will accurately hear each part of the recording, separately, and in its own place within the recording.

       Not only are the 5D speakers designed for listening to music, they are also designed to be used in surround sound systems for multi channel music and home theater. We make an identical 5D center channel speaker that lays on its side. The only difference is the speaker connection; it is rotated 90 degrees. Equal surround sound speakers equals better sound. Surround sound speakers that reproduce sound down to 40 hertz allows one to blend a quality subwoofer at a low enough cutoff frequency to let the subwoofer reproduce only unidirectional bass. This adds depth and realism to the program. Bass is truly unidirectional up to only about 50 hertz.

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More information about the 5D

       For more information on the 5D's versatility, and usage you may want to look at our installation guide which we put in our packaging.
Back of 5D speakers As you will notice on the picture below, the 5D speaker comes with two hook-ups that are connected with two gold metal strips. By removing the gold strips you have the option of bi-amping the speakers if desired.
Tweeter = top connector. Woofer = bottom connector.

       As we said before, these little speakers play plenty of good low bass, and as you will find out after listening to them a subwoofer is not necessary. But If you are looking for that very low, subsonic, house shaking bass to play along with the FR6S speakers, you will need nothing less than a very high quality 12" subwoofer. We strongly recommend our PDF12V powered subwoofer to be of any benefit in adding such bass.

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